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Whitewater Connect

(12/13) Meet some people. Take a step.

Connect Online

(12/27) Online community event

Choose your own adventure!

 HELP  people find  HOPE  in Jesus and  HOME  in his local church.


Life Center: Meeting physical and emotional needs through the food pantry, care groups, study groups and counseling services. 513-738-7500 or website.


Solve 7: Help remove physical barriers to create spiritual opportunities. Find ways to do that in our community and around the world at solve7.org.

Giving: Support the mission financially on the mobile app or website.

Serving Team: Meet some people while helping people! Find your fit based on your interests and availability on the mobile app or website


Baptism: Explore more about baptism, or sign up if you are ready to go All-In now or want to talk with someone. We baptize every day of the week, but also have special All-In Days.

Prayer or Faith Questions: Come to the front stage after the service to meet with a team member. You also can chat with someone online, right after our 10:30am online service.


Have a spiritual conversation with someone this week or simply bring them with you next week!


Whitewater Connect:  Meet some people.  Take a step.  Find out about opportunities to connect and serve.  And get an insider's tour of the facility.  Whitewater Connect happens on Sunday mornings.  

Groups: We have small and medium-sized groups to help you to connect to a spiritual community.


Group Leader: You can be a host home for a small group, lead a small group, or coach new Christians in the faith. E-mail Shannan Davis at sdavis@whitewatercrossing.org for more info.