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Be For Your Street!

Whitewater's new One Another groups are a simple way to (digitally) connect with people near you and to look after each other in this unprecedented time of quarantine.

Click here to find a Facebook group for your local community or to start a new one!

Activity Groups

Activity Groups are activity-based, easy-to-join groups that often meet only occasionally or seasonally. If you're dipping a toe in the water, these could be a great first step.

Activity Groups  

Community Groups

Community Groups are ongoing groups that meet, pray, learn, and grow together, usually in people's homes. While many of them are not listed publicly, Community Groups form the backbone of Whitewater's groups activity.

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Care Groups

Care Groups exist to help you through specific difficult situations. Whether it's grief, marriage, substance abuse, or finances, Care Groups exist to support you through life's hardest moments.

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Upcoming Events

Celebrate Recovery

(3/10) Healing for life's hurts, hang-ups, and habits.

Connect On Campus

(3/14) Meet some people. Take a step.

Connect On Campus

(4/11) Meet some people. Take a step.

Start Something New

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