What's it like to work at Whitewater? 

20190224_111332.jpg    JOYFUL: We take God seriously but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. 

  Untitled-1_0005_GetFileThumbnail-2.png    LAST 10%: We say what needs to be said when given the opportunity. 

20190224_111332.jpg    RIGHT MAILBOX: We talk to the right person during conflict.

20190224_111332.jpg    OTHERS FOCUSED: It’s not about you!

20190224_111332.jpg    RESULTS ORIENTED: We fight for the win together.

20190224_111332.jpg    REAL: Sharing the real me with God & others.

Open positions:

Digital Strategist

Leads and develops the overall digital strategy across all platforms online and in digital spaces that highlight the mission of Whitewater Crossing. 

Send resume to Chris Boue, Executive Pastor of Weekend & Operations, cboue@whitewatercrossing.org

Director of Harbortown Movement

The Director of the Harbortown Movement will be responsible for the vision, direction, and coordination of all elements and locations of the Harbortown movement. Providing opportunities and positively enhancing spiritual growth for children, while accomplishing the overall vision in alignment with the Whitewater movement.  

Send resume to Jess Adkins, Executive Pastor of Ministries, jadkins@whitewatercrossing.org

Facilities Associate

The Facilities Associate - Scheduling & Setups is responsible for coordinating with staff on campus scheduling and leading volunteer teams in order to create and maintain building usage guidelines and a clean, comfortable, and safe environment for guests, volunteers, and staff.

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Send resume to Pat MacDonald, Director of Physical Plant, pmacdonald@whitewatercrossing.org

Interested in Leading?